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    2. 圖片名稱

      Myanmar factory


      Myanmar Jiade Clothing
      Jiade (Myanmar) Clothing Co., Ltd. is the third clothing factory established by Beide Clothing Group in Myanmar. The factory officially began operation in March 2019 and currently has 20 assembly lines with a total of 1200 employees; The annual production capacity is 10 million pieces.


      Best (Myanmar) Industrial Park
      Best Clothing (Myanmar) Industrial Park is located in Loga, Yangon, Myanmar, covering an area of 300 acres with an estimated total investment of 100 million US dollars. It will build a modern clothing industrial park with a total area of over 200000 square meters, and the entire park will be divided into: clothing production area; Clothing accessories supporting area (washing, embroidery, etc.); Employee living area. After completion, the industrial park will have 200 production lines, with an estimated recruitment of over 10000 employees and an annual output of over 80 million pieces.

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