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      Charity activities for the orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar








      Let the time freeze beautifully, thank you for meeting and celebrating your birthday together!

      Life needs a sense of ritual, and the soul needs a sense of belonging. The monthly simple and warm collective birthday party allows the employees of the Bede Group to feel the warmth of the company and the care of colleagues after busy work, and enjoy their own happiness to the fullest time. I sincerely wish all the birthday stars a happy birthday! In the days to come, there will be sunshine in their eyes and openness in their smiles. Thank you for meeting, thank you for your company!

      "Expanding the way forward and creating the future together" Best Clothing Group's Spring Festival Gala and Awards Ceremony was successfully held!

      Tiggo bids farewell to the old year with joy, and Jade Rabbit welcomes the spring to start a new journey. On February 10th, the New Year's Gala and Awards Ceremony of Best Clothing Group's "Expanding the Road and Creating the Future" was grandly held. Jiang Zhongwei, chairman of the group, and Jiang Yunan, secretary of the general party branch, attended the party with senior leaders, and representatives of employees at home and abroad gathered together. Before the party, all the staff watched the honorary award review video of "Building the Future Together". Along the way, we will meet challenges, seek development, and write a new chapter together. The honor belongs to every Beide staff!

      Red 520 always follow the party

      In order to inherit the red gene, continue the spiritual blood, and further stimulate the enthusiasm for struggle, on the special day of May 20, the Party branch of the Better Group went to Yixing, Wuxi to carry out the "Red 520 Always Follow the Party" theme party day activity. Jiang Yunan, secretary of the general party branch of the group, and Jiang Zhongwei, deputy secretary, led all party members and employee representatives to participate in the event.

      "Let's work together to create a better future" Best Laos Factory's 2023 Songkran Festival resumption of work was successfully held

      In order to further enrich the company's culture, activate the working atmosphere, deepen the friendship between Chinese and Lao employees, and enhance team cohesion, on May 6, Best Clothing (Laos) Co., Ltd. launched the "Working together to create a better" 2023 Songkran Festival resumption activity . Yan Dingliang, vice president of Bede Group, Sun Linhua, deputy general manager of the production center and general manager of the Laos factory, He Liping, director of the comprehensive management department, Shen Yan, director of the Southeast Asia office, Hu Guojian, director of the Laos factory, and other leaders attended the event and specially invited Saisettha, Vientiane, Laos Liu Chengjian, deputy general manager of the operation company, came to the scene, and all the employees of the Laos factory gathered together.

      good news! Chairman Jiang Zhongwei of Best Group won the title of "National Excellent Textile Youth Entrepreneur"

      On March 30th, with the theme of "integrating into the new pattern and seizing new opportunities", the 8th Executive Director Enlarged Meeting of the 10th China Textile Enterprise Association and the Wuxi Summit of Chinese Textile Entrepreneurs were successfully held. During the conference, the 2021-2022 National Excellent Textile Young Entrepreneur Award List was announced and an award ceremony was held. Jiang Zhongwei, chairman of Best Garment Group Co., Ltd., won the title of "2021-2022 National Excellent Textile Youth Entrepreneur".

      Welfare distribution activities on the Goddess' Day of "New Posts and Women's New Chapters"

      In March of Yangchun, full of spring, we ushered in the "March 8th International Women's Day". For a long time, all the female compatriots in the company have been actively working hard in various tasks, forging ahead with determination, giving full play to the role of half the sky, and making due contributions to the development of the company. In order to reflect the company's special care for female employees and let female compatriots celebrate the festival happily, the company carefully prepared a holiday gift - a cool summer quilt. Although the gift is light, it warms the heart! I wish all the female employees of the company: happy holidays, health and beauty!

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